The Perfect Fried Egg

I am a BIG fan of runny, fried eggs. I however, can not stand runny whites. EW! If I’m out at a restaurant, I’ve found that I need to order “over medium” eggs to get what I want (runny yolks without runny whites). Even then, I’m depending on the cook to do it correctly which unfortunately isn’t always the case. Solid yolks in fried eggs is SUCH a disappointment. I usually pair my fried eggs with some Maple Ham or an English Muffin.

For the Maple Ham, you just throw a few slices of ham in the skillet after you’ve plated your eggs, splash on a bit of Maple Syrup and let it caramelize. It only takes minute or so. YUM!

So, what’s the secret? Adding water and letting it steam. How many times have I broken the yolk trying to flip the eggs to cook the white through? Too many. I forget exactly how I came up with this idea, but it’s the BEST! It works 100% of the time.

Start with a pad of butter in a Med- High pan. Add your eggs and salt/pepper.

Then, toss in a Tablespoon or so of water and cover with a lid.

Again, it only takes a little bit so keep checking them after about 3o seconds. They’re done will all of the white seems firm.

Now, you’re left with a perfectly runny yolk and a firm white. My husband likes to say this is a mix between frying and poaching the egg.

If you’re like me, give this a whirl next time you’re having the Incredible Edible Egg for breakfast!



  • Heat pan to Med-High
  • Add butter
  • Add eggs
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Add approx. 1 Tbs water (enough to create a good amount of steam)
  • Cover with lid
  • After 30 seconds, check regularly until whites are firm
  • Enjoy!