Southern Style Green Beans

Ever been to an authentic Southern and/or BBQ restaurant and ordered a side of green beans? If not, you should next time. They’re always swimming in a delicious liquid laden with bacon, sometimes onion and, I could be wrong here, a little dash of magic. They are SO good. All these years I just assumed since the beans weren’t crispy, that they were canned and the deliciousness of the broth was no doubt the result of crazy concoction of Crisco grease, MSG and who knows what else. I didn’t want to know. Until recently.

Oh, I was so WRONG!
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Shrimp Scampi

I’ve been a baaaad blogger lately, I know. Life happens, though! I also went through a bit of a recipe rut, but I’m happy to say I think I’m back on track.


It’s that time of year in NC when the shrimp are running BIG. I got some amazing jumbo shrimp from our trusty CJ’s Shrimp and after making Shrimp and Grits the night before, I wanted to do something a little lighter with the remaining shrimp. Shrimp Scampi it was. I had almost all of the ingredients already on hand, so a no brainer.

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The Perfect Fried Egg

I am a BIG fan of runny, fried eggs. I however, can not stand runny whites. EW! If I’m out at a restaurant, I’ve found that I need to order “over medium” eggs to get what I want (runny yolks without runny whites). Even then, I’m depending on the cook to do it correctly which unfortunately isn’t always the case. Solid yolks in fried eggs is SUCH a disappointment. I usually pair my fried eggs with some Maple Ham or an English Muffin.

For the Maple Ham, you just throw a few slices of ham in the skillet after you’ve plated your eggs, splash on a bit of Maple Syrup and let it caramelize. It only takes minute or so. YUM!

So, what’s the secret? Adding water and letting it steam. How many times have I broken the yolk trying to flip the eggs to cook the white through? Too many. I forget exactly how I came up with this idea, but it’s the BEST! It works 100% of the time.

Start with a pad of butter in a Med- High pan. Add your eggs and salt/pepper.

Then, toss in a Tablespoon or so of water and cover with a lid.

Again, it only takes a little bit so keep checking them after about 3o seconds. They’re done will all of the white seems firm.

Now, you’re left with a perfectly runny yolk and a firm white. My husband likes to say this is a mix between frying and poaching the egg.

If you’re like me, give this a whirl next time you’re having the Incredible Edible Egg for breakfast!



  • Heat pan to Med-High
  • Add butter
  • Add eggs
  • Salt/Pepper
  • Add approx. 1 Tbs water (enough to create a good amount of steam)
  • Cover with lid
  • After 30 seconds, check regularly until whites are firm
  • Enjoy!

High Five Smoothie

Before you read the ingredients TRUST ME when I tell you this smoothie is awesome. It’s refreshing, satisfying and the spice wakes up the taste buds while giving your metabolism a kick start!

My husband had this while on vacation in Ashville, NC at a coffee house called High Five Coffee. Thus, the name. He let me know right away this was his new favorite smoothie and something we HAD to make at home. Mission accomplished. I added some strawberries because…. well, why not?!


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Thai Red Curry

If you’re into ethnic food, chances are you have dabbled in curries. One of my favorites is Thai curries. After probably spending hundreds of dollars at restaurants, we were sent home a to-go order in a box that had the name of their curry on it! Yes, we were disappointed it was not ‘house made’ but at the same time we thought “Well, heck! Let’s make it at home!” So we did. The curry can be found at the local Asian market and costs a little over $1. Insane. The brand that we get is called Maesri. We’ve tried the Red, Green, Panang, and Masaman curries. They’re all good. Do yourself a favor, though. Make sure you taste test it before throwing the whole can into the pot! Some flavors are HOT! I typically only use 2-3 Tbs of the stuff and that’s getting up there in the spice department. Note that because some curries can be excessively spicy, you may have to add less and make up for flavor by adding other ingredients. Sometimes I add Fish Sauce, Tom Yum paste (citrusy chili paste), Sriarcha, etc.

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(Smash ‘Tatoes) Crispy, Guilt-Free, Oven Fried Potatoes

We like to call these “Crack ‘Tatoes” around my house, but I thought that may not be a suitable title for a blog post (hee hee). This recipe is adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes recipe. I saw this recipe on Pinterest, tried it out one night and never looked back. They are KILLER! So good. I legitimately have to chase my husband out of the kitchen when they’re done because he would seriously try eat them all up before I have a chance to set the table! There are certain meals that I just HAVE to have these with. Corn Flake Chicken, for example. They are so crispy, full of flavor and you wouldn’t believe that there isn’t an ounce of butter… it’s all Olive Oil! Coincidentally, I also found a homemade ranch seasoning recipe that day so with their powers combined, I made concocted one of our favorite potato recipes ever!

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Lightened Up Blue Cheese Dressing


Blue Cheese Dressing

  • Servings: 2 Cups
  • Difficulty: Easy
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  • 1 cup Greek Yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Blue Cheese crumbles
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1-2 Garlic Cloves, grated or finely minced
  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • 2 Tbs Buttermilk Powder
  • Salt/Pepper


  1. Combine all ingredients into a blender and pulse to desired consistency (1-3 pulses). Or, you can whisk by hand in a bowl.
  2. Refrigerate at least 30 minutes.

*For a thicker, more dip like consistency, only use 1/4 cup of Milk.