(Smash ‘Tatoes) Crispy, Guilt-Free, Oven Fried Potatoes

We like to call these “Crack ‘Tatoes” around my house, but I thought that may not be a suitable title for a blog post (hee hee). This recipe is adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes recipe. I saw this recipe on Pinterest, tried it out one night and never looked back. They are KILLER! So good. I legitimately have to chase my husband out of the kitchen when they’re done because he would seriously try eat them all up before I have a chance to set the table! There are certain meals that I just HAVE to have these with. Corn Flake Chicken, for example. They are so crispy, full of flavor and you wouldn’t believe that there isn’t an ounce of butter… it’s all Olive Oil! Coincidentally, I also found a homemade ranch seasoning recipe that day so with their powers combined, I made concocted one of our favorite potato recipes ever!

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